Planning your wedding?

Renting a dress does not mean settling for something less, usually it means getting something more.

Along with the dress you get to use all of the accessories in our shop at no extra cost, Veil, tiara, jewelry, gloves, shawl, crinoline, purse.

Simple…..no cleaning…no trying to sell later at a substantial loss…trying to store the dress….. When your friends come over you are not going to run and get your dress, but run and get your photo album to show your friends
No need to spend days and days trying to find a perfect dress.

Why should getting your dress be harder than renting a tux??? Why do the men rent their tux??? Two Reasons……so they look good on their special day……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cheaper than buying. Funny thing is the men would wear the jacket and jeans or the slacks and a nice shirt to another special event. So they should be the ones buying as they would get more use out of it than the bride does the dress.

Let us help you enjoy your wedding by taking away the stress and costs of purchasing a new gown.
Private appointments are available making your needs our only priority.  

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